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It’s is not necessary for me to reiterate the importance of building an audience. Every marketer will tell you that money is in the list. I have been looking for a no holds bar, absolutely free newsletter service that allows me to add unlimited number of subscribers and unlimited emails. But all charge fees and for someone who is starting out, it will be a tough call and I have not found one review of a free newsletter. The good news is, after much effort and research I found the perfect newsletter. There is no limit on the subscribers and there is no cost associated with the service. 

Every time I searched for a free email marketing newsletter, I ended up with Mail chimp. They do offer free service up to 2000 subscribers. After which they will start charging and they don’t allow affiliate links in the emails send out, which is a dig draw back. I was disappointed. I continued my search for a email newsletter that provided absolutly free email marketing service.

Found the free newsletter service at last!!

The free newsletter service is benchmark email. Their free service  sounds too good to be true. But it really is free and they provide the entire feature that is available in the paid version. They do have a paid version. You might ask me what the catch is. There really is no catch except that there is double opt-in required, and you cannot upload your own list. In the newsletters they will include a mandatory signature from benchmark with a link back to their website. They hope to spread the word though the emails send by us. But that is a small price to pay for a huge benefit, considering the fact that all the other market leaders in newsletter services charge a good amount of dollar that a newbie cannot afford. They have beautiful email templates that you can load and make your emails look very professional.

A feature that benchmark lacks is that you cannot set auto responder emails based on the weekday. For example if you want a specific email in auto responder to go out only on Friday, it is not possible. This is not available in their paid version as well. Mind you it’s only for auto responder emails.

All in all, I truly believe benchmark is providing an amazing service. It is hidden from the world because bloggers don’t want to promote the free service. If you use the paid service, the affiliate, that is the blogger, will get a commission. So in effect no one talks about this free service. I guess that is the reason it is not famous as other newsletter service.

Now that you know about this, go signup.

Aweber do get promoted a lot and is in the forefront of email marketing. Mind you they charge a cool 19 dollars from the second month.


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