Interview with Indian School of Business admission committee member

In the process of creating value out there for everyone, I have created Podcast in the niche MBA admissions with a top ranked business school. A special thanks to ISB admission committee members Ram Kamesh and Hima Bindu.

The podcast will be published in Apple itunes soon. I am getting the technicalities sorted out.

Topics discussed in the podcast.

1) What score is a good GMAT score to apply to ISB?

2) If GMAT is only part of the criteria, why is it that majority of the students have high GMAT score?

3) There is a rumour going the rounds that, Indian B schools don’t even look at applications of students with a score of less than 700. True or false?

4) How quality candidates are filtered from the thousands of applications? What is the criteria for the rejection of candidates in the first stage.

5) Allotment of seats in the three admission rounds.

6) Recently ISB introduced video essays. What made ISB inculcate this change? 

7) What does ISB look for in the video essay?

8) How important is the quality of the video? 

9) What is your advice to students who fall into Indian IT male bracket. (The answer is really nice,  you have to listen to this one)

10) How does ISB help students in financing the education other than student loans and personal savings.

11) What is the X factor that you look for in a potential student? And how do you identify the X factor.

12) How did ISB manage to get into the top of FT ranking in such a short span? What made ISB stand out.

13) Why should a student apply to ISB? What differentiates ISB from the rest of the schools.

14) One secret and exclusive tip to students who are listening to this podcast

These are some of the topics that we covered in the discussion. If you have more questions or clarifications required, please input your questions in the comments section and if necessary, we might end up doing one more about this topic.

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  3. ushamrita says:

    Thank you for this, Charles!
    I am an incumbent, queued up to submit my application at the ISB this November. I have visited the campus, and interacted with the students. And it has been a dream, ever since, to get through at the ISB! Once again, thank you for this podcast. Wishing you all the very best!

  4. Nikhil says:

    Very useful information.

    Thanks for posting the same.

  5. Saideep says:

    Hello. Nice Interview. Keep up the wonderful job. Is this available as a Podcast in Apple?

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